Symposium for coaches : "ENHANCING MUSCLE CAPACITIES : strength, power, velocity

Entretien de l'INSEP

Muscular conditioning is a crosscutting area of training that interests most of coaches in elite sport performance. training processes that are implemented in this view rely on deep-root models which originate from decades of practical experience, technological breakthroughs and innovative research. Based on testimony of coaches, physical trainers, and pair-recognized researchers, this congress proposes an update of theoretical and practical concepts through topics related to muscle strengthening (evaluation, periodization, prevention, interferences), and encountered in several sport activities (team sports, opposition sports, endurance sports), to finally address optimization perspectives raised in these various contexts.

The objectives of this conference will be to:

- Put ourselves in an historical perspective that allows to highlight the knowledge evolution on this topic and to point out the interactions between the coaches and the researchers

- Suggest an update of the classical concepts and describe the latest models of training scheduling.

- Give the audience, composed of coaches, students and researchers, an alternation of highly specialized theoretical knowledge conveying by some of current A-list specialists

- Put the concepts described by renowned coaches coming from representative sport programs (individual and team sports, duels..) into practice.

- Highlight the latest studies carried out by the research department of INSEP.