In this section, you will find documentation related to the Board of Directors meetings. As with all centre sections, there is a public and a private option where information can be shared with everyone or limited to ASPC members. 

Board of Directors members until Helsinki 2025:

President: Tapio Korjus (FIN) -

Secretary General: Josep Escoda (ESP) -

Executive Vicepresident: Debbie Low (CAN) -

Treasurer: Fiona de Jong (AUS) -

Vice President for America: Ken Bagnell (CAN) -

Vice President for Europe: Harry Baehr (GER) -

Vice President for Africa: Steven Ball (SAF) -

Vice President for Asia: Takeshi Kukidome (JPN) -

Vice President for Oceania: Andrew Robert Matheson (NZL) -

Participants Non Voting

Past President: Dale Henwood (CAN) -

Previous Forum Host: Babak.AMIR-TAHMASSEB (FRA) -

Next Forum Host: Raymond So (HKG) -

Next Forum Host: Simo Tarvonen (FIN) -

Host Secretariat: Silvia Matesanz (ESP) -

Former Presidents: Mike English (USA) Jukka Lahtinen (FIN) - In Memoriam

Meet our Committees

The organization conducts its activity through Task Force, Committees and Working Groups, which any member can be part of it on a voluntary basis.

Present Task Force include: (Chairman)

ASPC Task Force Groups    2023                



1. Membership engagement and growth                  

Harry Bähr                 


Dale Henwood             ASPC Past President

Apostolos Skouras      Sports Excellence Athens - Greece

Aki Karjalainen            Jyväskylä Sports Academy - Finland

Patrice Behague          CREPS de Bordeaux - France

Miguel Pacheco          Desmor EEM Rio Maior Sport Centre – Portugal



2. Environmental Sustainability                     

Debbie Low                


Alfonso Sanchez         Centro de Alto Rendimiento (C.A.R.) de Sierra Nevada - Spain

WEE KIAN YEO          National Sports Institute of Malaysia

Sebastian Manhart      Olympiazentrum Vorarlberg

Tapio Korjus                 Kuortane High Performance Training Center

Takeshi Kukidome       Japan Institute of Sports Sciencies



3. International Relations                  

Josep Escoda              


Tomer Seker                         National Center for Sport Excellence - Israel

Marieke Faber NOC-NSF     Netherlands

Ricardo Silvestre                   Jamor Centro Deportivo Nacional - Portugal

Olli-Pekka Karjalainen           Kuortane High Performance Training Center - Finland 

Kevin Subban                        Prime Human Performance Institute - Durban - South Africa  

Babak AMIR-TAHMASSEB   INSEP - Paris - France

Dale Henwood                       ASPC Past President


4. Marketing and Sponsorship                       

Brendon Goodenough           


Gary Davies                Canadian Sport Institute Calgary

Brian Melekian            Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Centre - USA

Byron Gramajo            Centro de Acondicionamiento Deportivo zona 9 - Guatemala

Josep Escoda              Centre d'Alt Rendiment (CAR) Sant Cugat - Spain

Steve Lawrence           Western Australian Institute of Sport.Inc (WAIS)


5. Governance           

Ken Bagnell                


Brian Melekian            Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Centre - USA

Hans Holdhaus            Individual - Austria

Anne-Marie Harrison    Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS)

Dale Henwood             ASPC Past President


6. Advisory Staff                     


Dale Henwood ASPC Past President

Toby Sutclife    ASPC Past Vice President