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After the IX General Assembly in Puerto Rico and the X General Assembly in Durban.

The ASPC will be composed of high performance centres which have voluntarily joined the Association and Individuals and Governing Bodies who support these High Performance Centers.


  • Classes of Organizational members;

Group A – Any Sport performance Center that is recognized by a National Olympic Committee, Paralympic Committee and or government of that nation.

Group B – Any Sport Performance Center that is recognized by an International Sports Federation (IF) or National Sport federation of a country where the center is located.

Membership Requirements

The requirements to become a Organizational member of this Association as a high performance sports centers are:

  1. To carry out activity focused on elite sport.
  2. To be officially recognized by a National Sports Federation in their country or an International Sport Federation, their respective National government or National Olympic Committee.
  3. To be able to provide operational, technical and scientific support services to high performance athletes and coaches.
  4. To be willing to exchange staff personnel with other high performance sport centers to interact and share ideas and work methods.

If your organization complies with the requirements , please fill this form . It will be reported to the Board for evaluation.


Classes of Individual and Governing Bodies members:

Group C – Individual Managers, Directors or Administrators of a Sports performance Center or a Sports training venue

Group D – Individual National Olympic Committee Sport Directors. Managers and Leaders in Olympic sports

Group E – Individuals who support High Performance in sports – Medical, Science, Media, Coach, Sponsorship…

Group F – Governing Bodies who support High Performance Sport, NGBs , NOCs , Foundations and NGOs

Group G – Any other members as approved by the Board of Directors

The requirements to become a member of this Association as an individual or Governing Body member are:

  1. Any Manager, Director, Administrator or Sports Official who works or has worked to support High Performance Training Centres as Governing Bodies, NOCs and NGOs supporting them in any country around the world.

If you comply with the requirements , please fill this form. It will be reported to the Board for evaluation.


Mike English Exchange program
The Association of Sport Performance Centres (ASPC) has established the ASPC Exchange Programme to encourage international learning between members of the association. The continued learning of the members of our group through exchanges between members is a primary reason for the creation of the organization. While many relationships and partnerships have developed with members through the ASPC Forums and through ongoing communication, study visits are still a powerful tool to immerse sport centres in best practices and the experience of other colleagues. More information

Sponsors Exchange

Fidelity Award

Members are eligible to receive an award as per the fidelity to the Association.

5 years for Bronze, 10 years for Silver and 15 years for Gold.

  Fidelity Award Anne MarieFid. Award Pretoria Toby
The payment of all the years is a requirement for the eligibility of the award.

Participation at the World Forum on Elite Sport Event with two fees gratuity

Eligible to become part of the Board of Directors

Two votes at the General Assembly


Participation on the Forum Elite Sport
Members have access to the World biennial event as the Continental if any in the year in between.

Forum Participants  Board Meetings Keynote Speakers

Participation in Working Groups Committees

One vote at the General Assembly


ASPC Sport Jobs

Access to Job opportunitties and post your Jobs for free at the ASPC Site

Links to the Global Sports Jobs Platform provided by 

Global Sports Jobs Frame





How to pay dues/who has paid

The payment procedure is online and will be available as soon as the Secretariat activates your account during your Provisional membership periode.

Status of payment will be available within your membership account.


A password policy has been established and you will be able to recover it thru the forgotten procedure to your declared administration email.

How to update your centre profile

Here you will find a short user manual to keep your information updated. Website Manual

You can add your news and any information you want to share. All over the world  or just for the ASPC Community.

For any further help, please contact us at the Secretariat.