The Association of Sport Performance Centres (ASPC) has established the Mike English ASPC Exchange Programme to encourage international learning between members of the association. The continued learning of the members of our group through exchanges between members is a primary reason for the creation of the organization. While many relationships and partnerships have developed with members through the ASPC Forums and through ongoing communication, study visits are still a powerful tool to immerse sport centres in best practices and the experience of other colleagues.

1. Purpose of the Program:

The primary purpose of the Mike English ASPC programme is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and the subsequent development of leaders, between ASPC members.
One of the objectives of the ASPC is the development of people and of the leaders responsible for the respective performance training centres. ASPC is committed to adding value to the training and development of member staff by providing opportunities for staff exchanges. The ASPC has established a grant application process to assist the facilitation and financial support of meaningful exchanges. 

2. Eligibility - Who can Apply?

Members in good standing of the ASPC can apply to be involved in either aspect of the exchange - to send staff members and/or to receive staff members from another Centre.

3. Criteria and Guidelines for the Mike English ASPC Exchange Programme:

All projects are required to fit within the mandate of the ASPC.

All exchanges should involve sport centres who are current members of the ASPC and have been for a minimum of 1 year.

A grant of up to $2,000 USD is provided to support the travel and expenses of participants in the programme. The Mike English ASPC Exchange Programme has been established to assist emerging sport performance centres in countries that have limited resources.

The proposed project is identified and submitted on behalf of both countries/centres to the Chair of the International Exchange programme, Alex Baumann. Applications are to be submitted on the project application form. Decisions on support for the programme will be made within 60 days of receipt of the request.

Exchanges will not be supported retroactively (all exchanges must be approved in advance).

Whenever possible, the host Centre should attempt to minimize onsite expenses to ensure thata number of programmes can occur each year.

Prior to distribution of the subsidy funds, an evaluation report is to be submitted to the Chair ofthe Exchange Committee.

All participants in the exchange programme need to secure, at their own cost, appropriateaccident and health insurance coverage.

Projects should have a component of self-help: An indication of funds contributed by theindividual or their host Centre or a third party.

4. Application: