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Dr. Panagiotis Koulouvaris
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athlete career and education
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ergometric training centre
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The Sports Excellence program is under the scientific supervision of the / 1st Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Athens University Medical School, with an exclusive donation from the / Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Sports Excellence in Brief:

  • Sports Excellence is a member of the World Association of Sports Performance Centers
  • Sports Excellence is supervised scientifically by the Academic staff of the A’ Orthopedic Clinic of the Medical School of Athens.
  • Sports Excellence is a project that is implemented by Regeneration & Progress staff.
  • Sports Excellence is a project that is financed exclusively by Stavros Niarchos Foundation



Regeneration & Progress (Α&P)
Regeneration & Progress is a Nonprofit Organization, established with the aim of contributing in various activities in the areas of Health, Sports and Education, through direct grants from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.
Year of Establishment: 2008

In the field of sports, Sports Excellence has a distinct position. Sports Excellence aim to support the long term development of young athletes. It is implemented by Regeneration & Progress, under the scientific supervision of the 1st Orthopedic Clinic of the University of Athens. It is within the main scope of the program to create an efficient environment for the holistic development of Hellenic youth and elite
talented athletes.
Funding: With an exclusive donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)

Scientific Supervisor:
1st Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,
Athens University Medical School
Sports Medical Division – Sports Excellence Department

Scientific Director: Papaggelopoulos Panagiotis
Director of the 1st Department of Orthopaedics,
University of Athens Attikon Hospita

Member of the Association of Sport Performance Center (ΑSPC)
(AIS) Australia’s Strategic High Performance Sport Agency
Rutgers University, New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC)
Hellenic Swimming Federation
Hellenic Rowing Federation
Hellenic Fencing Federation
Hellenic Table Tennis Federation

Scientific Board

  • Papagelopoulos Panayiotis
    Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Athens University School of Medicine, Chairman of the 1st Orthopedic Department in ΑΤΤΙΚΟΝ University General Hospital
  • Tsolakis Haris
    Associate professor, Athens University School of Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  • Koulouvaris Panayiotis
    Orthopedic Surgeon, Assistant professor at the 1st Orthopedic Department in ΑΤΤΙΚΟΝ University General Hospital
  • Bami Mirto MSc., PhD
    Molecular Biologist, Orthopedic Research and Educational Center P.N. Soucacos (OREC)
  • Mitsiokapa Evanthia
    Physiatrist, University Grant Holder at the 1st Orthopedic Department in ΑΤΤΙΚΟΝ University General Hospital
  • Evgenia Cherouvim
    Exercise Physiologist, Scientific Associate of Regeneration & Progress
  • Daviotis Thodoris
    Physical Education Teacher, Scientific Associate of Regeneration & Progress

Contact details


Orthopaedic Research & Education Center"Panayiotis N. Soucacos"
Department of Orthopaedics
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
School of Medicine
Attikon University Medical Hospital
1 Rimini str.
Haidari GR12462

Strategic plan

To inspire the Hellenic youth, leading them to integrate sports as part of their healthy physical and mental development.
To contribute to the instrumental change of the sports development model in Greece.
To become an advanced provider in the field of medical and sport science services for elite
To create a world leading system for athletes scientific support

Our mission, to which we are fully committed, is:
To improve the environment of the Healthy Holistic Development of the Hellenic Youth and Elite Athletes.
The long-term development of young athletes that will lead them to Sports Excellence at
international level.
Shielding the athletic holistic development environment of athletes through close monitoring of them by scientific specialist in the fields of Sports Medicine and Sports Science.
Active participation as members of the International Scientific Community, in shaping
developments in the development of young people’s sporting excellence context.



Strategic Priorities

International Collaborations:  The development of International cooperation’s and the participation in world leading carriers in the field of Sports Excellence and the environment of sport medicine and sport science, support to young athletes.
Strategic Partnerships with scientific, educational and sports organizations in Greece, for
the benefit of young athletes and their support environment.
Multilevel Innovative Educational Programs will contribute to the coaches’ professional
development along with the improvement of the developing environment of young athletes.
We emphasize a lot in the introduction of innovative educational models, which support the
developmental needs of young people.

Research: Conducting basic and applied research as well as the exchange of scientific
knowledge with other academic or research institutions in Greece or abroad with the aim of
publishing the scientific findings, establishing the research and social character of the Center internationally.

Inspiration: Our Sports Excellence programs to become an inspiration for young people to increase the percentage of young people involved in sport and at the same time help reduce the proportion of young people leaving early.
Create and maintain a Long Term Athletes Development Model (LTAD), tailored to the
needs and peculiarities of Greek society.

Sport and Academic Orientation of Hellenic Youth: Each young person chooses the
sporting activity that will be the best environment for athletic and personal development and through it develops new skills useful for his academic and personal life. Support the creation of a duel career so that young athletes could be developed academically along with sports.

Sports for All: Our interventions will consist in substantially strengthening the framework
for safe and healthy engagement in sport aiming to improve the health and well-being of the general public.

Safeguard Health Context in Sports Activities: Interventions to shield young athletes in
health issues.

Sports Excellence Center Program Provides:

  • Evaluation of Physical Fitness Parameters

  • Cardio-respiratory and Cardiac Examination

  • Hematological Examination

  • Biomechanical Movement Analysis

  • Muscledynamic – Neuromuscular Examination

  • Organized Programs for Diet and Physical Exercise/Training

  • Assessment of the Energy Needs During Rest and Exercise

  • Diet Monitoring for Body Weight Regulation

  • Recovery of Injuries and Musculoskeletal Examination for Asymmetries

  • Assessment of Psychomotor Skills



Sports Excellence : Student Internship Program Brief Framework



  • To offer sports medicine & sports science with sport coaching included. 
  • Students from all around the world will be given the opportunity to work under the auspices of an academic institution in an applied, high performance environment, earning both valuable experience & skills, which will be useful for their academic and sports career. 




Our Internship Philosophy  

Our philosophy is to create an individualized educational schedule specifically devised to satisfy the expectations of students whilst at the same time boosting their chances of gaining employment in the sports industry. 


Application Procedure 


Students interested in undertaking their internship at Sports Excellence should send their most up-to-date CV, a letter of reference from their University Dean, together with a personal statement outlining their reasons for applying.  These should be addressed to:  


Dr. Koulouvaris Panayiotis  

Head of Sports Excellence 

Orthopedic Research Center P.N.Soucacos – 1st Floor 

“Attikon” University General Hospital 

Rimini 1 – Chaidari  

Athens – Greece 

Email :  




Expenses Cover and Fees 

Each student is required to cover his/her own transportation, accommodation and food expenses. 

No fees will be charged for the internship as these expenses are to be covered by a grant received from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. 



Learning Outcomes 

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the strategy, operational plan and policies of a high-performance center. 
  • Be able to create, plan, organize, implement and analyze a holistic scientific environment for both elite and youth athletes. 
  • Fully understand the policies of a sports science lab. 
  • Gain full awareness of the safety and managerial issues raised in sports science missions (out of lab assessments). 
  • Determine the relevant physiological tests to assist both coaches and athletes. 


Criteria for the successful completion of the internship 

  • Complete at least 4 weeks of full-time educational activities (theoretical and practical activities) with at least of 160 hours in total. 
  • Successfully complete all assignments throughout the course as well as the practical assessments during the last week of the internship.  


 Monthly Brief Plan 


Week One – Introduction Week  

Description & Main Goal: The goal is to introduce the student to the Strategy, Operational Plan of Sports Excellence as well as the policies of the Sports Physiology Lab.  

Each student is to be interviewed in order to adjust the daily plan according to his/her educational needs and his/her career goals. 


Day One – Strategic Plan – Operational Plan – Policies of Sports Excellence 

Day Two – Interview with the student & presentation of the Sports Physiology Safety and Health Rules and Policies 

Day Three – Presentation of the main assessment activities so as to devise a holistic physiological/ sports science profile of the athletes. 

Day Four – Customer Policies (athletes, coaches and clubs) & presentation of the sport activities at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. 

Week Two – Sports Physiology Lab Educational Week 


Description & Main Goal: 


The goal is to introduce the student to the main assessments of the Sports Excellence ‘Sports Physiology/ Science Lab.’ 

The student will actively participate in the planning, organization and implementation under the guidance of a mentor (Director of the lab). Each day, he/she will be supervised by a different member of the Lab. 


A typical Week:


 Day One: Body Composition Assessments 
Anthropometric Assessments 
Day Two: Power &Strength  Assessments 
Day Three: Rowing Ergometer Assesments 
Day Four: Treadmill Running Assessments 
Day Five: Cycle Ergometer Assessments 



Third Week – Sports Specific Education 

Description and Goal:

The Student will work closely with, and be supervised by, the Sports Specific Account Manager in order to gain an understanding of the specific needs of the sport/project as well as the strategy and operational plan of Sports Excellence.  This is deemed as imperative in order to upgrade the holistic environment of our national teams, with special regard for athletes between 12 and 18 years old. 


A typical day will be as follows: 


  • Strategic & operational planning for a specific sport (30-45 minutes) 
  • On the field tests for this specific sport (90 minutes) 
  • Break (30 minutes) 
  • Lab Tests for a specific sport (90-120 minutes) 
  • Break                   (30 minutes) 
  • Holistic Support: Nutrition & Psychology etc/ support for the elite athletes

                                                                                                   (90-120 minutes) 

  • Debrief  (60 minutes) 

Our Suggestion is the following: 


Day One – Swimming 

Day Two - Rowing 

Day Three – Fencing 

Day Four – Handball 

Day Five – Basketball & Water Polo 


Description & Main Goal:  


  • To help each student maximize the educational benefits from his/her internship at Sports Excellence Performance Center.  
  • The purpose of the theoretical and practical assignments and assessments is to be able to identify all the knowledge and skills that the student has gained and where possible, to work with a mentor in order to highlight the areas for further improvement. 
  • Before the second week, each student will receive a work/assignment notebook that he/she is required to complete. 
  • It is the responsibility of each student to plan, organize and implement an assessment of an elite athlete who is a member of our programme. 



A typical Week is as follows:



Day One:


Practical assessment at the Lab of an elite athlete


Day Two:


Assignments Presentation Assessment Day


Day Three:


Results Analysis


Day Four:


Weekly & Monthly debrief


Day Five:


Free Day