Rio Maior Stadium

The Rio Maior Municipal Stadium has the ideal conditions for football and athletics events. With 6500 covered seats the stadium holds a natural grass pitch with 104x68m in dimension frequently used for competition and training by Portuguese National Youth Teams. The surrounding 400m athletics track, named after the Rio Maior olympic athlete Susana Feitor, has 8 lanes and features also 2 jump boxes and an area for discus, hammer and javellin. The Stadium features also a chrono timing system, equipped with photo finish, and lighting conditions capable of sustaining TV transmissions without any extra material.

The Stadium also holds 2 indoor sports rooms, with a total area of 360m2 especially fitted for combat sports, like judo and taekwondo.

Training Fields

The Rio Maior Sports Centre holds 2 outdoor football training pitches made of natural grass, one with 104x68m and another with 70x50m, and one more made of synthetic turf with 100x64m. The synthetic turf has FIFA  2 Star certification, the maximum for these kind of fields, that ensures the quality of the pitch and the construction and maintenance. 2 Star FIFA certification makes these pitches suitable for receiving games of any FIFA event. Nearby is the Sports Park, a infrastructure open to the general public and mostly devoted to the promotion of sports. The Sports Park has one more synthetic turf field with 60x40m, one tartan track with 285 mts all round and 2 training grounds for the practice of volleyball and basketball. It has also artificial lighting that ensures night usage.

Physiotherapy and Recovery

The Rio Maior Sports Centre offers athletes services in Sports Medicine, Massage and Phisiotherapy. We have available the services of a medic, specialized in Sports Medicine, a physiotherapist and masseurs. These professionals work at an area of the Sports Center equipped with the latest therapy and recovery equipment (laser, ultrasounds, magnetotherapy, shock wave therapy and short wave therapy). The Sports Centre has also a recovery area for athletes equipped with Jacuzzi, Sauna, Turkish Bath and a zone prepared for cold water immersion treatments ins 4 specially designed tubs.

Gymnasium and Lodging

The Sports Centre has a gymn area, equipped with ergometers training designed to evaluate the performance of athletes. The Rio Maior Sports Centre has 3 independent lodging areas with a total of 48 rooms in single, double, triple or quadruple configuration, thus meeting the specific needs of teams and individual athletes. In all the rooms you'll find Wireless Internet Acess, Cable TV, mini-bar and air conditioning. In the lodging area there is also a 90 seat multimedia auditorium, meeting rooms, equipment rooms, Gimnasium, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish Bath, Ice imersion tanks and a laundry service.

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