The Rio Maior Sports Centre is well known for its quality and diversity of services for the preparation of high performance sportspeople.

We are permanently focused in having high quality and meeting expectations to achieve success. We are therefore recognized and chosen by athletes, coaches and directors.

Some changes were made over the last year to increase our supply level.

The lodging area has now 16 new double rooms, as well as new changing and shower rooms, a new jacuzzi, sauna, training evaluation and control lab, a new lobby entrance and restaurant area, and a new leisure outdoor space.

The main gym was re-equipped with new Hammer Strength machines for specific training and we have a fully equipped new bike room for maintenance tasks for triathletes.

The auditorium of the centre has also been re-equipped with a new multimedia system that improves the dynamic during meetings, lessons and training analysis.

This new system has already been used for the National Sports Medicine Conference on May 9th and has proven to be very useful.

In addition to our massage, physiotherapy and medical services for high performance sports we strengthened our services with a nutritionist and a psychologist.

Also to point out, is the new space for goalkeeper training that has been added to our beach soccer field, regularly used by the Portugal national beach soccer team.

The Desmor – Rio Maior Sports Centre has been recognized for its quality, in 2007,  in the international competition IOC / IAKS AWARD (award for sports and leisure facilities of exemplary design and function), promoted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) based in Lausanne, Switzerland and the International Association of Sports and Recreational Facilities (IAKS), based in Cologne, Germany. The IOC / IAKS award means appreciation and public recognition of the conceptual, architectural and functional dimension of all different sports facilities and its management.