The Desmor – Rio Maior Sports Centre has a new website by the time it celebrates 15 years working for high performance sports.

We have completely redesigned our layout with simplicity and accessibility. There is a new structure, a new design and some new features. Our official website is now more dynamic, with a new image and content, allowing more flexible navigation, conveying more clearly all the information.

The website is now focused on what we offer in facilities and services, according to our strategic positioning focused on high performance sports.

Our page has new features, highlighting the responsive structure that results in an automatic adaptation to any mobile screen size, but also has a new translation tool, ensuring an adequate and efficient response to the challenges and opportunities of today's markets.

At the top the page the three tabs allow you to connect to specific pages on the respective topics, which is covered the full potential elements of the Desmor – Rio Maior Sports Centre.

This new website comes at a time that we have created new social media platforms, providing and integrating more Youtube and Facebook.