After the success of the I Forum, held at Sidney on September 1999 and the II Forum, held at Barcelona on September 2001 -in which assistants could hear and share in interesting presentations and also could share the great motivation and enthusiasm of the organizors- is clear that we need to keep having a common place for the people and the organizations that work in the elite sports' field, in order to exchange experiences and information.

The Forum's philosophy is to provide a means of putting ideas in common and a place of discussion for all the people working in the elite sports' field. In this time in which globalization affect all aspects of our lifes, we need to find ways of enlarging the bonds between Centres devoted to elite sports and of involving all the people working in this activity.

The general aim of the Forum is to establish routes of communication and mutual collaboration between the different High Performance Centres around the world and the people and organizations interested in elite sports.

Other aims are to promote the establishment of a place to exchange information and experiences between people, organizations and institutions interested in elite sports; to provide all assistants a suitable environment in order to establish collaboration agreements between High Performance Centres and to help the creation of common initiatives that will benefit all High Performance Centres and that will provide reliable and true information about elite sports to the society.

BID Forum Documentation

Please find here the Guidelines and forms for the presentation of the BID for the Organisation of the next major event of the ASPC. The XIII Forum On Elite Sport.