ASPC General Assembly 2016 take place in Macolin

ASPC General Assembly 2016 take place in Macolin


The General Assembly of the ASPC for 2016 was held under the support of The Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen as a member of the worldwide association of high-performance sports centers (ASPC) since, 2015. This has the aim to promote exchanges and cooperation between competitive sports centers around the world. should benefit primarily the athletes, from shared knowledge and optimal training conditions.

Atendees came from around the world to spend one day together and the Board meets the previews days to work on the appointed working committes of

  1. International Relations (Ch: Dale Henwood) (Josep Escoda, Tracy Lamb, Tapio Korjus, Alex Baumann)
  2. Governance – (Ch: Toby Sutclife) (Tracy Lamb, Debbie Low, Jaime Lamboy)
  3. Marketing – (Ch: Josep Escoda) (Tracy Lamb, Jochem Schellens, Brendon Goodenough 

Participation includes more than 25 from 12 countries as Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, SouthAfrica, Canada, Portugal, Austria, France, USA, New Zealand, Italy and  Slovakia