The whole ASPC family was sadden to hear of the passing of our dear friend and colleague Jukka Lahtinen.

From the beginning of this international association of friendship and learning Jukka played a key role in helping to set our path.

As a past president Jukka would attend all our forums to check in and see all his sport performance Centre friends.

Every member of the ASPC family were always greeted by Jukka with that big Finnish hand shake and that welcoming smile.

Jukka always would want to share a story of his most recent experience and was excited to learn of new developments at centre’s around the world.


ASPC FOUNDERS Caroline Carpentier (INSEP) / Jukka Lathinen (VIERUMAKI) / Francesc de Puig (CAR SC)

The whole ASPC family shares its condolence and sadness with Jukka’s family and we send our prayers and thoughts with them during this time of sadness. We hope they know and feel that Jukka did touch our lives and his passion and work did help to make us and this world a better place.

We will miss him.