Spring Board meeting Conference Call on March 23rd 2011

Spring Board meeting Conference Call on March 23rd 2011


The Spring Board meeting of the ASPC will take place thru conference call for the first time in order to save time and resources. Topics regarding next General Assembly and VII Forum on Elite Sport in Paris will be discussed. Meeting will take place at 14:00 UTC.



Location and Local Time

Paris (France) WED, 23/3/2011, 15:00:00

San Diego (U.S.A) WED, 23/3/2011, 07:00:00

Perth (Australia) WED, 23/3/2011, 22:00:00

Tokyo (Japan) WED, 23/3/2011, 23:00:00

Barcelona (Spain) WED, 23/3/2011, 15:00:00

Johannesburg (South Africa) WED, 23/3/2011, 16:00:00

Calgary (Canada) WED, 23/3/2011, 08:00:00

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) WED, 23/3/2011, 11:00:00

14:00h UTC Time zone

International Association of High Performance Sports Training Centres



Wed 23 March

Board Meeting

- Attending: Jukka Lahtinen, Dale Henwood, Josep Escoda, Mike English, Tracy Lamb , Jean Claude Vollmer, Steve Lawrence, Takashi Kawahara, Toby Sutcliffe, Silvia Matesanz

Agenda Wed 23 March at 14:00pm UTC. Opening

1.1. Opening, Jukka Lahtinen, President

2. Appointment of new Secretary General

2.1. Proposal:

2.2. Decision:

3. Minutes of previous meeting in Finland – (Josep/Jukka)

4. Membership actions

4.1. New applications:

4.2. Decision:

5. Subcommittee and continent reports

5.1. Membership Subcommittee (Josep)

5.2. Regulations (Toby)

5.3. Marketing (Dale)

5.4. Finances (Dale)

5.5. IOC Project (Jukka)

5.6. Continental subcommittees (Vicepresidents)

6. Fifth General Assembly in Paris (Jukka)

6.1. Proposal: Agenda

6.2. Decision:

7. VII Forum on Elite Sport in Paris – Organization Committee Report (Jean-Claude)

7.1. Program, speakers, budget, fees and marketing

7.2. Cooperation with ICCE

8. Next meeting

9. Other issues

10. Closing