IX International Forum on Elite Sport , San Juan (Puerto Rico) - (2015)

IX International Forum on Elite Sport , San Juan (Puerto Rico) - (2015)

Thursday, 27 August 2015 to Saturday, 29 August 2015

76 Participants from 24 Countries




2015 Theme:   “Connecting Leaders to Sport”     

The focus of the 2015 Forum on Elite Sport will be management and leadership in international high performance sport centres.  Over the course of the Forum, we aim to answer the following questions:  How do we better develop present and future leaders of high performance centres?  How do we better equip the ASPC members and high performance centre leaders in their respective locations to be even better leaders?  What skills, knowledge, abilities and tools can be offered that will contribute to the personal and professional growth of high performance centre leaders?  How do we elevate the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of our centres through a focus on developing strong leadership?  


Hotel link Reservation: http://embassysuites.hilton.com/en/es/groups/personalized/S/SJUESES-COP-20150824/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG

For Organizers inquiries contact  forum2015@copur.pr

For ASPC Secretariat inquiries contact  secretariat@sportperformancecentres.org



August 26 Wednesday


Arrival of Forum participants

9:00 Information desk opens at Lobby

9:00  2017 Bid Presentations to the Board

August 27 Thursday

9:00 Information desk opens at Lobby

9:00 am to 12:00 Developing Centres presentations under Olympic Solidarity Support - Experts Panel - Ballroom A

                          The case of Phillipines - José Jimbo Saret

                          The case of Paraguay - Camilo Samaniego

                           The case of Andorra - Gemma Riu Botifoll

9:00 - 12:00      IASI Association of Sports Information Separate Meeting

12:00 - 13:30    ASPC and IASI Board's Lunch

13:00                Registration desk opens for Forum Delegates

14:00 to 17:00 - ASPC New Website, Database tutorials and SAT.

                                  (a) ASPC Database/website tutorials (Josep/Axel/Silvia)

                                   (b) ASPC Self-Assessment tool demonstration (Dale/Tracy)

18:00  Forum Opening

  • Welcome ASPC President - Dale Henwood
  • Welcoming Remarks Pres. Org. Committee Jaime Lamboy


19:00 – Welcoming Reception begins

20:00 - Welcoming Reception ends

August 28 Friday

7:30  Registration desk opens for Forum delegates - Ballroom A

8:00 - Rio 2016 Update

Jorge Bichara, General Manager of Sport Performance of Brazil NOC

8:30 – General Assembly part 1 – Executive election introductions; ASPC overview of 2014-2015 projects

9:00 – Key speech #2 – Innovation - Future Media Internet in Sport: The EXPERIMEDIA Experience in Europe

  • Michael Boniface - An experimental application on how our athletes, coaches and staff can use the internet technology to work better, learn faster and create teamwork. Wearables - Josep Escoda : FMI Applications for Training Centers from entry to top level 

10:00 – break

10:15 – Short Presentations - 15/20 minutes Innovation

  1. Daniel Medina - FC BARÇA – Winning strategies
  2. Wouter Smak – Infostrada - Analytics Insights
  3. Chikara Miyaji – JISS - SMART system to manage sports related videos

12:00 – Lunch

  • Official welcome Puerto Rico NOC President - Sara Rosario *

13:00 Short Presentations - 15/20 minutes Innovation

      d.  Axel Brüning – LEIPZIG - A new communication approach (Peer-to-Peer) with its chances and challenges in elite sport

      e.  Claire Kerr – AIS - The Australian ‘Clearinghouse for Sport’ knowledge sharing initiative


14:00 pm – General Assembly part 2 – Continental meetings; election

                   Europe - Tropico 3

                   America - Tropico 2

                   Oceania - Silver Boardroom, 6th floor R.645

                   Asia - Gold Boardroom, 7th floor R.745

15:00 pm – Key speech # 3 – Roles of Performance Centers

-Dr. Nicolai Boehlke – OSP Berlin

The role of performance centres is bigger than offering "a space to train". Managing relationships is a challenge most leaders of performance centres are likely to share.

16:15 pm – Break

16:30 pm –High Performance Resource Allocation

-Michelle Brown - Director, Performance Operations & Strategic Planning, USOC

17:30 pm – IOC Athlete’s Entourage

-Kaveh Mehrabi, IOC -  Head of Athlete's Programmes - Sports Department

18:30 – ASPC Elections

19:30 - Tour and Dinner at  La Placeta - Plaza del Mercado

22:30 - Bus back to Hotel Embassy Suites San Juan 

August 29 Saturday

8:00 – General Assembly part 3 – Next steps – changes

8:30 – Key speech #4 – Recovery

-John Underwood – nutrition, rest, recovery – how Training Centres can impact performance.

10:00 – Break

10:15 -  Key speech #5 – Building Sustainable Performance Pathways – underwriting your medal ambitions

-Chelsea Warr – Deputy Director of Performance – UK Sport

Understanding the defining features of a highly effective ‘Performance Pathway’ and the relationship to success in an elite sport environment. 

11:00  – Key Speech #1 – Leadership

-Richard Carrion (IOC Member)*

11:15 – Breakout sessions – Athlete Pathway

12:45 – Lunch

14:00  - Integrated Services

- Dr. Anita Maria Brown, Professor Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine, University of Puerto Rico . Integrated sport medicine services - the Star Island way

15:00 pm - Closing Keynote presentation – How Cirque du Soleil artists -acrobats prepare and sustain daily performances in touring and resident shows

Bernard Petiot, VP of Casting and Performance at Cirque du Soleil

The presentation will discuss the CDS performance environment, constraints and the various contributors to the daily demand of performance. In addition we will outline systems and processes we have put in place to manage performance, risk and distant management.

16:00 -17:00  – General Assembly part 4 – Awards and Conclusion of the Forum

17:00 - 17:30 - ASPC Board Final Meeting

19:00 pm – Farewell Reception

August 30 Sunday

Departure or Tours of the Star Island

  • Bioluminescent Bay / Bahía Bioluminiscente
  • El Yunque National Forest / Bosque Nacional El Yunque
  • Old San Juan Tour / El Viejo San Juan Tour
  • Golf outings / Campos de Golf disponibles

August 31 Monday

Departure or “experience Puerto Rico” activities