Mission Vision & Principles

Mission Vision & Principles

It all started in September 1999 in Sydney, Australia when a group of High Performance Training Centres from all over the world decided to combine efforts to share their experiences during the 1st Forum on Elite Sport. 

During the II Forum on Elite Sport, held in September 2001 at CAR Sant Cugat, Barcelona, it was commonly agreed by consensus that joining forces and sharing our experiences must be a direct benefit for athletes and centres around the world. 

At that point, a steering group for a future International Association of High Performance Sports Training Centres started. From then, various meetings took place around the world.

The steering group had representatives from Oceania, Africa, America, Asia and Europe. 

The main purpose of the group was to establish the basis for the creation of an International Association of High Performance Sports Training Centres to discuss ways to better prepare our athletes through exchange opportunities and a sharing of ideas and knowledge under a fair play philosophy.

During the III Forum held in Loughborough, England in September of 2003, the attending Centres signed the Charter with the Principles of the future Association.

In the charter it was agreed to establish CAR Sant Cugat as host of the Secretariat, and the Working Group took several meetings to agree upon the first Statutes.

In 2005, a registration process was initiated in the hosting country.

At the IV Forum in Montreal, Canada, it was declared that the future of the Association would be committed to enhancing the membership and the values for all the Centres.

At the V Forum on Elite Sport in Beijing in 2007, the first General Assembly took place. A new approach to sharing took life and for the first time, new centres were able to sign and declare their membership. 


ASPC Mission: To provide opportunities that enhance training for high performance sport worldwide.

ASPC Vision: ASPC is an active partner with development and leadership of sport training centres, setting the standard in the global high performance training site community.

  • Collaboration: We will enhance relationships at every opportunity
  • Excellence: We will continually seek, to do and be, better
  • Respect: We will treat everyone with care and concern
  • Responsibility: We will be answerable and accountable


The principles of this Association are the following:

1. Respecting the Autonomy of each of the high performance sports centres:
The basic principle of the Association is considered to be the maintenance of the independence, authority and autonomy of each centre as being the best guarantee of the development of high level sports in the respective countries.

2. Fostering collaboration between all the members:
Respecting the autonomy of each centre, members will collaborate to generate initiatives of benefit to athletes, coaches, sport and the wider community.
They will also collaborate with international organizations and associations able to assist in promoting the implementation of the principles and objectives pursued by this Association.

3. Maintaining an Ethical Approach:
Protection of the rights of high performance athletes and coaches at ASPC member Centres is essential. Specifically this should focus on their right to train and compete in a fair, ethical, healthy and safe environment.

4. Enhancing Staff Development:
The ASPC members are committed to adding value to the training and development of their staff by providing professional development through staff exchanges.

5. Sharing Information and Knowledge:
ASPC members will share and exchange knowledge and experiences in relation to high performance sport. They will also make information available about their centre through the website forum to enable facilities and services to be promoted to athletes and coaches across the world.

6. Identifying Best Practices:
The ASPC will develop concepts of best practices to aid in the advancement of high performance sport. Identifying and sharing best practices is an essential element in the process of learning.

The ASPC members will develop concepts of best practices through sharing experiences and knowledge in operation and management.

7. Supporting the International Forum on Elite Sport:
ASPC members will support the organization of a biennial International Forum on Elite Sport as a means of sharing and developing information to advance high performance sport centres.

Membership Requirements

Chapter 4 of the By Laws:

The ASPC will be composed of high performance centres which have voluntarily joined the ASPC, Governing Bodies that support high performance Sport and Individuals who support High Performance Sport/Centres..

The requirements to become a member of the ASPC can be found in the Membership section of this website:



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