I International Forum on Elite Sport, Sydney (Australia) - (1999)

I International Forum on Elite Sport, Sydney (Australia) - (1999)

Monday, 27 September 1999 to Tuesday, 28 September 1999

45 Participants from 15 Countries

Sunday 26 de september

Welcome Cocktail Party

Monday 27 de september

Welcome and Opening Address
Dr Frank Pyke
Chairman - NESC

Essential Factors in Elite Sport
Mr Don Talbot
Head Coach - Australian Swimming
Mr Michel Chauveau
Director - INSEP, France
Mr Wes Battams
Director - South Australian Sports Institute

Morning Tea
Workshop on Essential Factors in a Succesful Elite Program

Mr Michael Scott
Director - NSW Institute of Sport
Mr Wes Battams
Director - SASI
Panel Discussion and Summary of Topic

Mr Michael Scott


Evaluating Performance of an Elite Program

Case Studies:
The Hong Kong Method
Dr Pak Kwong Chung
Director - Hong Kong Sports Institute

The New Zealand Method
Mr Chris Ineson
Chief Executive Officer - NZ Sports Foundation

The Australian Method
Mrs Wilma Shakespear
Director - Queensland Academy of Sport

The Italian Method
Mr Luciano Barra
Sports Director - CONI

Mr Craig Phillips

Afternoon Tea

Presentation - Culinary Expectations of the Olympic Village in 2000
Mr Cameron O'Reilly - Spotless Ltd
Formal Dinner

Guest Speaker:
Mr Bob Elphinston
General Manager, Sport - SOCOG