Friday, 29 April 2016

The General Assembly of the ASPC for 2016 was held under the support of The Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen as a member of the worldwide association of high-performance sports centers (ASPC) since, 2015. This has the aim to promote exchanges and cooperation between competitive sports centers around the world. should benefit primarily the athletes, from shared knowledge and optimal training conditions.

Atendees came from around the world to spend one day together and the Board meets the previews days to work on the appointed working committes of

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

It is with heavy hearts that we notify you of the passing on Tuesday Jan. 26th of our Past President Mike English of the USA.  Mike was on vacation in the Cayman islands with his wife Ana at the time of his passing.  Mike was President of the ASPC from 2011 until 2013 and has been very active with the association for over a decade.  Under his leadership the ASPC made many changes to support our membership and help the ASPC increase its budget. 

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Mike’s wife Ana and his two children; Josh and Amber.